Monday, June 28, 2010

How can you tell if your car is dying?

Does it develop a nasty cough? Does it become lethargic and tend to sleep a lot? Or does it come in the form of omens when 3 people in 4 days speak randomly about how your car is on borrowed time?

With all my misguided quirks, i'm assuming the latter- thus, being thrown into Super-Thrifty Catie mode. The majority of my expendable income will soon be making it's way into my savings account/ emergency I-need-a-new-car fund. Which, will be hard considering I have just accepted the fact I MAY have shop-a-holic tendencies. Luckily, the car that I'm intending on purchasing after my beloved Volvo's demise is typically under $9000 used for a decent year's model.

Kind of funny how in the last 6 months i've moved to a salaried position, starting paying for my own health insurance, and started talking about buying my own car (again). When did this surge into adulthood take place? I sure don't feel like an adult.