Monday, August 15, 2011

New Additions

In a few days my Dad's fiancee's children will be coming to stay with me! Since I moved into my new home, I have only had Carl as a house guest, but I have felt no need to go out of my way to impress him- he loves me and my dirty dishes. New family is a whole different story. While I have only met them once, I still feel like I am in "first impression" mode. This is the first time they will be seeing me in my city, my home, and my comfort zone.

I'm very weird about my home, it is extremely personal. I often wish that there would be people over all of the time, but I shy away because my home is an exact reflection of me. If it is orderly and clean then I am doing well. If it is chaotic and a hurricane zone, something is wrong. All of my belongings are displayed around me like an out pouring of reminders of who I am. Family photos, coveted knickknacks, books, things that just put me in a better place. Opening my home to someone new is a big deal, because in that moment they will know exactly who I am.

Granted, my home has been slightly chaotic, but they don't have to know that. I have gone so far as buying new towels with matching wash cloths ( I have no wash cloths, they are so strange to me!) so they can see that I have my life together. I know what you are thinking, "These kids are teenagers, I think you are fretting too much about this, dear." True, I know I am. I even have our agenda planned down to the minute- but after September, when our families combine, I will be the older step-sister, and I take that very seriously.

Until then, I will pamper them with ice cream and take them to Busch Gardens for the day. After all, I want to be the fun older step-sister.