Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Employee Profile

In an attempt to make the company more dynamic, we are putting employee profiles on our website, as well as an email blast. It's strange writing about yourself, but here is mine! 

Employee name:Catie
Nickname: Boss lady
Theme song: “Green Onions” – Booker T and the MGs
Favorite pattern: Maharam Small Dot
Favorite bad movie: Army of Darkness

Catie grew up in the retail world, and caught the sales-bug early. In grade school, she worked in her Mother’s shop, Magpie, in Arlington and Alexandria VA. Realizing sales was in her blood, she absorbed all that she could from time on the sales floor, filing purchase orders, or pretending to be 18 so she could be snuck into trade shows.

After high school, Catie moved to Richmond in 2005 to get her BS in Marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University. After a semester in Richmond, she accepted a position at EQ3, a contemporary furniture store in Carytown. There she met Will (U-Fab RVA) and Travis (U-Fab owner). After the heartbreaking close of EQ3, she started a three year run working for the ALDO Groupe, a shoes and accessories chain. There she was promoted from key-holder to store manager in a matter of months, and was ranked one of the top 5 Store Managers in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Then the opportunity came to work with the old team again, and put all she had learned to good use on a new challenge. So now she is off the sales floor and at U-Fab R&D helping overseeing the sales team, applying her corporate knowledge, and helping Travis remember where he put stuff. Catie aspires to one day own her own business and be a nationally recognized bowling champion (although she needs to start bowling first).  

Catie is living the single life in a pink house in the Manchester district with her cat, The General.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Truths XXXI

I know it is a holiday created by marketers, but I love Valentines day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Resolution Round- Up Recap.. RRR...

It's crazy to think how quickly this year flew by. There were definitely its amazing ups, and very low downs but all in all it was a fantastic year!

I set my expectations for this year a lot higher than I had in past years, and for good reason! It was time to get out of my funk and start enjoying life again. Last year my resolutions to help aid in my 180, were:

1) Get healthy.
2) Continue the search for my career
3) Enjoy the little things

Lets start from the bottom, enjoying the little things. This year I taught myself to stop and enjoy whats around me. I was able to be surprisingly content over a cup of tea and a book for hours. Being able to just stop was a huge win for me in itself.

My career search wasn't so fruitful. I did go to a couple interviews with a large Richmond based Marketing firm, which was eye opening. Looking back, I've realized I am a little too by the book and in order to break into marketing I need relay everyday Catie more into interviews.

And now number one: Getting healthy seemed like the most daunting resolution every, as well as one of the most popular, but this one I give myself an A- on! It took a pretty hard kick to the soul, and my Father nursing me back to tell  me it was time to put some gym shoes on. This year I joined the gym and (outside of retail hell holiday) I have been going on average every other day to get a work out in. It has lifted my spirits and dropped my weight! So far I have lost 6 lbs, and 17" off my body. It feels amazing, and people are definitely starting to notice. The changes to my body are really just a bonus, because my main intention was to get my mental health in check. And now I can safely say I feel better than I have in years. I am happy, and for that I think 2011 has been the best year yet.

Stay tuned for my new 2012 resolutions.