Friday, February 26, 2010

Ride Into the Danger Zone

I did it!
Starting Sunday, I will be the new store manager! I started only ten months ago, and only five months ago I was promoted to my assistant manager position. Two times in less than a year?! Crazy.

My experience in this particular store has prepared me to dominate this position, but I am still terrified. I will not fail. I will kick butt. Plus, It is fairly re-assuring to be told by my superior that my only area of opportunity is to be more confident in my abilities and knowledge.

This is a new, big step in my life, and for once, I am not resisting this change.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Luck

"Oh, I loved you but let me go.
So many years ahead,
might as well greet them with a lighter load."

Something just makes me so happy about this band/ song.

Good Luck- "1001 Open Hands"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Birth of a Gamer

It's not so secret that my familiarity with video games compares to that of a 2 year old, and even then, they could probably crush me (damn Baby Einstein). When everyone was geeking-out on Mario and a lovable Ape, I was glueing pieces of paper together and skinning my knees. Little did I know my lack of participation in this sport would come around and bite me in the arse.

We have been in the age for a while now where we embrase the things of our youth, but now we're being social about it. Video games are a way of the party. Every normal human being is doing it, so last night I bit the bullet, thanks to some encouragement and a microphone thrown in my lap by Carley. After the initial uneasiness of showing my true, musical colors, you know what I learned? Video games are kinda fun. Also, since the revival of social video gaming, with the introduction of new and snazzy gaming systems, I am not too far behind my peers. So, being only a few semesters behind, I say "Rock on, and show me a good bass riff!"

Thursday, February 4, 2010


"Oh how your ghost, undyingly, whispers in my ear
it's teeth chattering, unable to push you through the
hippocampus, past..."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Truths XXVII

I need to learn how to relax.
I need to accept that in some situations I'm doing the best I can with the resources that I've been given.
Mostly, I need to learn how to appreciate a snow day and not feel guilty about it.