Monday, February 8, 2010

Birth of a Gamer

It's not so secret that my familiarity with video games compares to that of a 2 year old, and even then, they could probably crush me (damn Baby Einstein). When everyone was geeking-out on Mario and a lovable Ape, I was glueing pieces of paper together and skinning my knees. Little did I know my lack of participation in this sport would come around and bite me in the arse.

We have been in the age for a while now where we embrase the things of our youth, but now we're being social about it. Video games are a way of the party. Every normal human being is doing it, so last night I bit the bullet, thanks to some encouragement and a microphone thrown in my lap by Carley. After the initial uneasiness of showing my true, musical colors, you know what I learned? Video games are kinda fun. Also, since the revival of social video gaming, with the introduction of new and snazzy gaming systems, I am not too far behind my peers. So, being only a few semesters behind, I say "Rock on, and show me a good bass riff!"