Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home Again Home Again

Yesterday was fun. I woke up and made my Dad breakfast and then we went for a drive in the country side. We stopped at a farm and I was able to pet baby goats and see baby chickies. After that we were going to go to junk shops, but I fell asleep in the car. So we went home and vegged. We ended up going to dinner and then out to see Star Trek! Amazing! Soo good. I'm such a sci-fi nerd.

This morning I hit the road at 9am and went to my Grandmas for a bit. On my way to Grandma's I realized that the shop in Greensboro that I took my car to did a dumb job on my breaks, and they now scream every time I break. It kills my spirit, I LOVE driving, just not breaking, haha.

After G-ma, I went to get my hairs cut by my Nicky. And as always, she did an amazing job! She is so talented! :) I was sad that I didn't get to spend sooo much time with her, but girls weekends are coming up!

Then I drove home, and I'm now being the coolest boss ever and making cupcakes for my store meeting at 9:30pm. few days.


BERNIE said...

im glad you had fun! and im glad i get to see you soon. i hope there is a cupcake for me!