Thursday, July 16, 2009

Creatures of Habit

Today was a good day!
Class went by quick, came home, and started scrubbing my apartment clean! I have become a hermit, so I figured I might as well clean my shell, haha. After about 2 hours, and mopping myself into a corner, I relaxed read a bit and then went out!

I had an urge to spend money (nothing new), but since my new fascination with saving dollars and dreaming of trips, I have been trying to be good. TRYING. So, off to the thrift store. For me, the thrift store mainly serves the purpose of looking at useless crap to reinforce the fact that I don't actually need anything. It works along these lines about 65% of the time. So, when I actually find something, it comes as a shock. Today I found this:

Granted, furniture is the last thing I need, but look at it! It fits so well! (It also works very nicely as a place to write my thrilling blog entries). After dropping it off, I went over to my favorite bride-to-be's home. Carley has a knack for creating cute, creative, and unique ideas and implementing them exactly the way they should! Her wedding is going to have so much personality and character, which is exactly like them. Perfect! So, the ladies and I crafted the night away creating everything from favors, to flowers, and messes. I'm looking forward to the next craft night.

Fun, fun, fun.

P.S. Thanks to my muscles, AKA Bernadette, for wrestling with the chair!


BERNIE said...

i like being your muscles!

Anonymous said...

uhm just so you know i have that sammeeeeee round suitcase! and that chair is perfect!