Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eventful Life

Someone is testing me, someone has GOT to be testing me. Maybe it's my shining optimism that has jinxed me. Anyways, it's safe to say the last few days have been crappy.

After getting home from work on the 2nd, I realized the General was acting weird. So off we went to the hospital. After a few hours, they discovered he had developed crystals in his urine. This required them to put him under, insert a catheter, and flush out and rebalance his system. After plunking down 2 months rent at the vet, I went home and General stayed in the care of the hospital.

I felt a little better when I remembered the fact that I had pet insurance, something I got once I realized I housed one adventurous kitty. But, true to form, once I got home and did some investigating I saw a big "LAPSED" mark next to my policy ID (Why it lapsed wasn't my fault, and they will be hearing my angry voice in the morning). After that bit of information, the freak-out session began.

This morning I had a little better grasp on things- the General was "comfortable," it was a new day, and the guilty feeling in my stomach had subsided. Helping me take my mind off things, Bernadette came over and we watched two terribly cute movies, 500 Days of Summer & Paper Heart. Later on, while I went to return the movies, I hopped in the car and the car wouldn't go. Ugh.

Everything is under control now, but I am in dire need of a break. This has all been a little too much.

But! tomorrow is another day! Woohoo!