Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toughie I

Over the course of my life i've come across a few people who have made a deep impact on my person. These people I'm specifically referring to tend to be the strong, silent type. I admired those who showed their love and adoration through actions, reminders, and their presence. I enjoyed the distance they had from the situation, where they weren't throwing around words or loosing their meaning. They were there, they had feelings and ideas just like everyone else, they just didn't advertise it as loudly. I loved that they could be interpreted, and I always hoped that they had some quiet joke with themselves as they watch people try to unravel them.

In normal human fashion, I chose to try and emulate these qualities I so adored. This was possible firstly by the fact that my father is one of those people who had these traits. His inner strength and calm demeanor, he has protected me and guided me while still maintaining a hands off approach, letting me develop into yours truly. Through this, he has also remained something that I can only describe as a 'classic.' His image has not changed in my mind, and I can forever look back onto this and say "That, that right there is my Dad." I aim for this.

The trouble (and I say trouble, not problem, this could never be a problem) in this is that I am also very much my mother's daughter. She could befriend a wall, and get to know all of it's entire connecting surfaces. She had a personality that was hard to ignore, but you never wanted to. You knew who she was from the first time your saw her smile, and some days I'd kill for that trait. And here is where the conflict lies...


nicky said...

catie. you are the strongest most beautiful person inside (and out) that i know.
mainly because you are the perfect blend of your father AND mother