Friday, October 15, 2010


We are 60% water. I was 60% black tea.

I've never been the caffeine chugging, coffee craving, morning person that most people I know are. Every morning, I would bring/buy a glass of tea and sip on that at work. Come home and have more. My rationale was, "well, it's make with water! Whats the difference?" Turns out, a lot.

Another one of my "Get Healthy 2k10" ideas was to hydrate those cells! This did not mean, drink more tea!
Before Carl went one tour, I was concerned for his hydration health, so out we went to by Nalgene bottles. I used mine for a few days, forgot it at work for a while, and went back to tea. Carl lost his on tour. We fail. Well, now with this health scare/health turn around thing, I've cleaned it out and armed myself with a few helpful things:

1) Neon green Nalgene bottle- yes, the color has nothing to do with health, but it helps me remember to take it with me! It's adorable, and now it is decorated with a Sundials sticker (D'awwww).
2) Britta FIlter- Granted, for the Alkaline diet, it works better with alkalized water (??) but I dont have he money for a $200 filter. Now we just need to get in the habit of filling the Britta up so I don't have painfully watch each water droplet purify while i'm running late for work.
3) Refrigerator accessories!- It's sadly true, but plain water isn't very thrilling. Add a little bit of lemon? FANTASTIC! My fridge is now stocked with lemons and a lemon keeper! It's cute, and allows me to cut up a bunch of lemon, and then grab-n-go in the mornings! Plus, lemon DOES help wake you up. Go citrus!

The first morning after I drank just half of the suggested amount of water, I woke up refreshed and not as lethargic as I have been. I haven't had tea in about 2 weeks, and I have been keeping up on my water intake, already my skin is looking better as well. Double win!

This upcoming week I will be getting together with my good friend Deepa to discuss cooking techniques and recipes! You have no idea how excited I am (she is a great cook too!).

Those servings of fruits and veggies are within my grasp! I feel it!


Anonymous said...

the alkaline diet has no scientific basis. your body works very hard to maintain its ph. eating a healthy balanced diet is much smarted. don't buy the bs of the alkaline diet.