Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yan' Can Cook!

What an eventful couple of weeks!
My health kick is still in full force, thankfully. In order to maintain my goal, I needed to know how to cook. Wraps and pasta just aren't the best way to get healthy, and they do get old after a while. Noticing my struggle and knowing my horrible eating habits, my good friend Deepa offered me a fun night of cooking lessons!

A couple weeks ago we met up at her house and sat me in the kitchen for an initial pep talk on what we were going to accomplish that night. We were going to chop, cut, broil, steam, and saute veggies. But first, we needed to get our tools. Luckily, the day we chose was also the day of the farmers market! There we found zucchini and squash (which have quickly become my go too veggies, love them!) The problem when Deepa and I get together is that a) we are highly easily to distract, and b) love to shop, therefore we took a minor detour and went to a couple stores including target to get me a steamer basket!

After we got that bit of shopping out of our system, we got down to business. Back at her house she developed the plan of action for our dinner:

-Cook up brown rice
-Steam carrots
-Saute onions, zucchini and squash
-Add tofu
-Roast beets (I had never had beets before!)
-Make mocktails (uh, yumm!)

Throughout the whole cooking adventure, she was explaining what to look for in veggies, different ways to cook them, adding spices, and switching veggies in and out using the template she had set for me. I don't think I had ever learned that much in one night. I am SO thankful for what she taught me. After she declared dinner ready she grabbed a plate and portioned out scoops of our yummy dinner. I felt full, healthy, and felt like I could easily do this at my home!

I got a chance a few nights later where I recreated almost the same dinner to help me retain all of the great info. Yummy!

The skills definitely sunk in, because this past Sunday I decided on making us a big Fall breakfast. I made pumpkin spice french toast, veggie bacon, and sweet potato hash (!!!! so yummy). I think I surprised Carl.

Who know you could teach an old dog new tricks! Hopefully more of my cooking adventures will be posted on here soon.

More news to come!